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Srini Rao is an author of two books, “The Art of Being Unmistakeable” and “The Small Army Strategy" and a host of his own podcast, the Unmistakable Creative.

Today Srini discusses how he shifted his brand and relaunched into Unmistakable Creative.

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Forming good habits is hard. On today's episode, Srini Rao discusses how he's implemented Time Management, and other good habits to make himself more productive. Plus, hear how he schedules his tasks in his calendar, and completes them effortlessly.

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Kaleigh Moore discusses why she turned down an amazing job offer to start her own business. Discover what it takes to build a copywriting business.

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Kaleigh Moore reveals how she landed an amazing job interview with a startup. Hear her secret, using Tumblr, to go viral and get discovered.

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Today's episode shares the tools I've been using to see amazing growth with my online audience.

Click here to download my new PDF report revealing the tools I've been using to skyrocket my growth.

What are your thoughts with the new solo episodes? I want to hear them! Email me at:

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It's amazing how simple and easy it is to improve your business' sales. All it takes is differentiating yourself through good people.


What do I mean by that? It's simple, YOUR business needs to ensure that it's got good people working for it! It doesn't matter if you are a micro business of one, or a small business of 100.


Today you are going to discover Lee Cockerell’s customer service secrets that can take your business to the next level and become like Disney, Starbucks and Amazon. It's not hard, it just takes hard work. Listen to Lee's advice, apply it and be amazed as you see results.


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You will see what makes Walt Disney World the #1 resort in the world and how to replicate the success in your own business as an entrepreneur.

Today's guest is Lee Cockerell, a former Executive Vice President of Operations at the Walt Disney World Resort. He shares his story of going from farm boy to working at the top hospitality corporations in the world like Hilton Hotels, Marriott, EuroDisney (now Disneyland Paris), and finally Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida.

Discover the inside secrets on how Disney is the leader in leadership. Plus, hear how you can implement some it's secrets like the bottom up approach, and the cast member and guest approach to your business.

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Unfortunately inner fear and excuses can keep us from becoming our own success story. In part 2 of a conversation with Jason Bay, he shares 3 common excuses and mistakes that entrepreneurs make. He also counters them with ways to avoid them or overcome them.

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From majoring in forensic science to having a passion for marketing and branding. You read that right! Jason Bay realized that forensic science wasn't all that it was made out to be on the shows. After getting a internship with CollegeWorks, he soon realized his real passion wasn't crime, it was branding. Jason shares his amazing story today in the latest episode of Money Making Millennials. Plus, he shares his 3 easy steps to packaging and getting your business launched and out there.

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It's 2015! A new year full of new goals to accomplish. Hear my top 4 goals I created for 2015 and be empowered to create your own goals through my strategies.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • Why I put consistency on as a goal for 2015
  • How and Why I'm Writing a Book
  • An amazing virtual summit I'm planning for YOU
  • Why I Made $3,000 a month my financial goal for 2015

Have your own goals for 2015? Share them with me! Email me at: with the Subject line "My 2015 Goals".

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It's amazing to be starting a brand new year! With each new year comes resolutions.

In today's episode I want to discuss with you my lessons that I learned in 2014. I will be sharing with you 3 things I've learned and how I turned them into New Years' Resolutions that you can apply in your life.

1. Be Consistent and Don't Stop What You Started

This is something I've really come to learn! If you take a look at my podcast, you'll see that I haven't posted a new episode since October 31st, 2014.

I was busy with a school project in November and also tried to write a novel during NaNoWriMo which caused me to neglect posting new episodes.

In December, I was busy with recording new interviews for the podcast, making new connections with business leaders, and I also wrote a non-fiction book. Not to mention, being busy with the holidays.

Again I failed to post new episodes. This caused me to have a dormant podcast for 2 months!

Starting in 2015, I am saying NO MORE! That's why I made it a New Years' Resolution to stay consistent. I believe this is something you need to do as well if you want to accomplish any goal this year.

2. Focus and Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin

 I've gotta be honest, because I'm a young millennial entrepreneur, I'm guilty of having tons of ideas! This is awesome but also can cause problems.

Every single mentor I've talked with and every friend I've messaged with new ideas has told me to FOCUS!

A great idea that a friend of mine had was to get a notebook to write down all of my ideas into.

But let's face it, it's hard to FOCUS! That's why this is one of the hardest resolutions I think I've given myself. 

However, I want to be commited to YOU as my listener of Money Making Millennials. That's why I've placed it as a priority and my focus for 2015. I think if you want to achieve any of your goals, you should do the same.

3. Set Managable Goals

The key part of this is MANAGEABLE goals. We can all write down great goals but never achieve them because they are way too big of a goal to achieve.

If you want to write a book, like me, don't make writing a book just one goal. Have subgoals like:

  • Write 15 minutes today
  • Edit Chapter 1
  • Dictate Chapter 11
  • Transcribe The Book
  • etc. 

This allows you to accomplish more and reach your bigger goal quicker.

Even though we are going to talk about goals a little more in a later episode, I wanted to go ahead and give you this as a New Years' Resolution. I really believe it will help you achieve any of your goals in 2015.

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